Seams in Skyboxes [SOLVED]


I have an annoying problem with my skyboxes: there are noticable seams showing along some of the edges. Close up example:

(The seam is clearly visible when the camera is in the center of the skybox)

The texture I am using is seamless. I have verified that the black color does not come from the texture itself. Looking around the rest of the scene works as expected save for said seams.

The texture is loaded onto a regular cube mesh (made in Blender) with normals pointing inwards. Depth test and depth write are disabled on the node path, and shaders are off. What am I missing? Do I need to tweak the UV coords for the faces which exhibit this behaviour?

I tried creating six quads programmatically and texturing them individually. Same problem. I tried moving them very slightly closer to the center without making them smaller. Still looks weird.

Are there any general caveats when texturing meshes? I’ve noticed I get these kinds of artifacts on other meshes as well, although they matter less than this particular problem.

Any help would be appreciated // Astrogee

Have a look at the manual. There is a chapter about texture wrap modes. Clamp is what you are looking for.

Argh! Completely forgot about the wrap modes. Thanks mate. That helped with some of the seams. Also realized I had to fix the texture a wee bit.