Script that works in 1.1.1 breaks in 1.2.1 . . .

So I’ve been working on this little program for a while now, and I started working on it in 1.1.1, and it works fine in that version. The trouble comes when I attempt to run it in 1.2.1

Panda 1.2.1 came out in the middle of me developing this code, so I just stuck with 1.1.1 until now. I wanted to package it as a nice installer. I am somewhat aware of some problems with 1.1.1’s packpanda, so that’s why I’m attempting to port the code now. What’s going on exactly?

Hum, that’s strange. In Panda3D 1.2.1, GraphicsWindow certainly does have a method called isStereo(). However, it did not have this method in version 1.1.1.

Have you tried completely uninstalling 1.1.1? It seems that your 1.2.1 version of Panda is somehow getting cross-contaminated from the older version. Did you, for instance, add the Panda3D-1.1.1 directory to your PATH, or to your PYTHONPATH, explicitly?


Well, un-installing 1.1.1 and re-installing 1.2.1 seemed to fix the problem, thanks a bunch!

I don’t really know what you mean when you say PATH or PYTHONPATH - so I assume I never touched those things.