Script for 3dsmax->egg exporter


I have a lot of models I want to use in my panda application. They’re all “.max”, so I have to export them in “.egg”. No problem there, the 3dsmax pluggin works really great (except for the crashes that happen every 2 exports, but whatever)

The problem is that it takes time to do that :

  • open the model
  • chose the exporter in the helpers
  • chose the egg file name
  • and then drop the egg object in the scene and export it.

when you have more than 200 models to export (and probably more coming!)

So I wondered if any script has been done to automate this process or, at least, if someone knows if it is possible to do such a script ?

Thanks for your answers

It’s probably possible to do something with the help of maxscript, but no, nobody has done that to my knowledge.