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Vote for screenshot of the month Dec 2011

  • screen of my first ever panda3D project - Manou
  • forest wip - redpanda
  • something for pyweek entry - rdb
  • lightmap pipeline - kurohyou
  • lightmaps with radiosity normal mapping - coppertop
  • formula racing - darthrigg

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Post your Panda3d screenshots here. You don’t need to be working on a specific game, just something you made with Panda which you think looks good.

Direct link to images can be put in IMG tags.
Please also use reasonable resolution for your images.

EDIT: Not enough people submitted their screenshot to run another screenshot contest. Sorry. Maybe there will be one in the future.

Very nice idea!

An screen of my first ever panda3D project, a dead shmup now :

My take on realtime color perspective, it may not be beautiful, but I had such a hard time getting linear depth, I find them looking good :smiley:

Keep them coming Manou.

Something real this time:

Something I made for a pyweek entry a long time ago:

Aurora shader I once wrote (hope you don’t mind the tearing, forgot to turn vsync on):

Prototype beach scene I did for Naith. See if you can find the rock with the inverted normals.

These are from when I added godray support to Panda.

Heh, cool idea, let’s see if it sticks.

Some screen shots of a feature I’m really happy about, if not proud of, namely lightmaps with radiosity normal mapping. A test scene I made two days ago showing color bleeding, soft shadows and such stuff. No HDR.






The How (in case you’re interested): Shading in Valve’s Source Engine, SIGGRAPH06 (Slides) and Radiosity explained the right way

I think some images should definitely go to the gallery. :slight_smile:

the small one

Current projects…



The beach?

@Coppertop - Wow. Is that precomputed? Are you planning on adding this to the code base? crosses fingers

I absolutely love all the screenshots, but particularly ones of redpanda, the creator of this thread. Anyways, you all are great, keeep posting here and I will keep watching and admiring your skill! Keep being creative with Panda :slight_smile:

Testing my lightmap pipeline. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] I’ve got it deployed here for those who are interested:

Nice. I haven’t really used lightmaps myself, ever. Doesn’t it devour the texture memory?

Anyway, we can start a poll in the 1st of January (the first time it will not be a full month). It could work like this: each month you vote for images of the previous month and upload images to be voted in the next month. If it was mentioned in the blog or something (like in the Irrlicht community), we would probably get more people interested. Right now I can see many projects in the showcase which haven’t been posted here.
Each month the poll will be edited.

@darthrigg: You might want to have a look at MDual or MBinary alpha modes for your fences and trees.

Vote for Screenshot of the Month December 2011 and post your image for this month!

EDIT: Hm, ok this is annoying, looks like I won’t be able edit the poll for the next month. D:
Also, the forum doesn’t allow more than 10 options…

December is over, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if you’re kidding. If you are serious: you post your image to be voted for in the next month and vote for images posted the previous month. duh.

Oops, I didn’t know that before, sorry.

Don’t forget that you can also post an image to be voted for in the next month.

Cool. I’ll run with this:

…it’s an online Jabber (XMPP) chat room with A.I. bots (using AIML).


@rdb: Is that aurora shader the one mentioned in the blueprints? Any progress?

I don’t think I still have the code for that. It’s fairly simple, though: I created a texture with some lines in the sky along which the aurora should go (but blurred). I applied it to a big plane that overlays the entire scene.
Then, I took two perlin noise textures and sampled both with the texture coordinates going in different directions, to create an animated perlin noise. I used that to distort the original texture, or maybe I multiplied it, I don’t remember.
Then I took the volumetric lighting shader, and changed it to blur upward instead of away from the focal point. Change the hue as the samples go farther away from the source, and you get a nice colour shift.
Presto, animated beautiful auroras. You could make it even better by having the auroras generated from the difference between sets of animated noise, in a similar way to how you’d generate lightning.