Scifi UIs and Effects

Hi I am working on making a space-themed/sci fi style game and was wondering how I would go about creating UIs/Effects commonly found in scifi games. I commonly see lots of patterns in scifi interfaces for games that I look at online such as Starcraft or Scifi movies even. I noticed that alot of them have transparencies/partial transpararencies and glow effects on their interfaces and also even sometimes have holographic uis.

Examples … png.81815/ … .notes.jpg … 801640.jpg … .33-AM.png

I am guessing that most of the interfaces created are a result of texture transparencies and glow effects using shaders and holographic effects using shaders but am not 100% sure.

I was also wondering if shaders can modify UI textures to make them glow or be holographic or be applied on text?

I was also curious if there are learning resources that I can goto that details the common use cases for shaders and shows demos of what effects/tricks are possible and the corresponding shader code?

None of the screenshots you showed would require shaders. These appear to be nothing but pretty textures with transparency. If you want more fancy effects you can add animation effects, such as slight banding, static noise, or instead of mixing the texture with the background you could switch to additive mode.