SceneEditor not Working again in February Release

Hello , i just instlalled the 15-2-2005 panda3D release and i’m unable to launch the sceneditor.

I think imports from the have been restored to old style import and doesn’t work anymore in current version.

it’s no even possible to pass the import phase of the editor .

Should i reinstall previous version to copy paste the code ?

Ok i restored the old import (from the previous sceneeditor version).

Is it possible that in latest release you took an older version of sceneditor?

Also i noticied that PMW is not more installed by panda installer in the python
site packages

Ok i made some poor progress :

  1. install PMW
  2. change the import from olds styles to working style

ex:#from ShowBaseGlobal import*
to: from direct.directtools.DirectGlobals import *

  1. place the egg files into the right place (ie Models\misc)

but i’m blocked about the objectHandles.egg that is nowhere to be found
so loocks like Sceneeditor is unusable for me right now :frowning:

Yes - this alpha release seems to have broken the Scene Editor again. Lets see if we can get a quick fix…