scene flickers on movement

Hello all,
I’m new to panda3d and was playing around with some of the examples. I’m trying to combine the “Roaming Ralph” tutorial with “Cartoon Shader” tutorial. I got it to work, however when I’m moving Ralph around the scene flickers in and out. It’s not a steady flicker, and depending on the spot I can turn around without the screen going dark. I also noticed that his headband thing doesn’t blink as well.

When I uncomment: self.cTrav.showCollisions(render)
There is no flicker at all and it works as I thought it should, though it’s highlighting every polygon I come in contact with.

Any ideas? Camera thing? Are somethings not being rendered every frame?

I think the problem is “texture blending” i notice this alot when doing my own shaders. If you have more then 2 textures say A and B and the next object has only one texture C during the transition A C will swap but B will be still active. You don’t know which would be rendered first so its kinda random based on position. If the screen just goes black you might have the black texture sky texture get over every thing but when you draw the collisions stuff (it has no texture) it sets all the texture to empty and every thing is drawn normally. Could you confirm that this is the case or you actually seen the screen it self flicker black and white?

If there’s a bug, you should report it.

I think it may be the “texture blending” thing you mention. I’d report the bug but I’m still trying to figure this all out!
I swapped out the “world” model for the “Environment” one and I didn’t see any flickering. So I’m guessing it’s the sky element in the world model being rendered on top of things.

But of course I can’t get poor Ralph to run on the Environment model yet, so when I get that working I’ll see what I can find.

And another thing, how do I open these .pz files? I tried gunzip but to no avail.
Sorry for all the questions, I’m making my way through the tutorials.

try punzip it comes with panda3d.