Scene Editor


The Animation panel for the Scene Editor seems to be broken. I am a noob, so I was just wondering if anybody really uses the Scene Editor? Seems like it will be useful for building the 3D “World” that the models and actors live in. A bit easier than doing it all in code - although I can see that it can all be done via code only if neede.

So, is the Scene Editor being actively developed and supported, or is it better just to forget about it and do everything in code?

By the way, very nice engine, I had a look at Torque Game Engine, which has some nice bels and whistles, but Panda just seems easier to get into(never maind that the price cannot be beaten :laughing: )


Yeah, the scene editor is down. I don’t know if it’s being worked on by anyone.

The Scene Editor is entirely written in Python. Anyone who has an interest in using it is more than welcome to step up and fix anything they find broken.


What was the last version of Panda3D that the scene editor worked with? Pre 1.3x?

I am interested in the SceneEditor also. Things are infinately easier if you can see some sort of visual lay out as you are making you panda3d program. The down side of it as I see in the video is that it generates a LOT of code that one may not necessarily need.