scene editor


I am just wondering if anyone knows when the scene editor [ since its a rather important aspect of game development for alot of people] is going to be back in service ? :wink:


backed by disney, and we can’t even get as much as a when this might be fixed ? ( is the problem so severe to not know the approx. resolution date ? ) I find panda interesting and would like to use it, but this does nothing to provide me confidence in it as a product, when I can be ( and prob. will be now) using other products ( irrlicht, delta3d etc.) that have a working scene editor. I dont mean to ‘complain’ but you must admit my question is legitimate, as a scene editor is a big draw for using a engine ( or not).


You should understand that the product is not, actually, “backed by Disney”, nor does it claim that anywhere on the website or in these forums. Panda3D was originally developed by Disney, and we do still maintain it actively and continue to develop on it every day. I am myself employed by Disney.

However, the ongoing support for Panda3D is provided by the CMU ETC. These great fellows (Josh Yelon in particular) have designed this website, produce the binary releases, build the installers, and maintain the documentation.

Incidentally, Disney doesn’t pay me to browse the forums here. I do this on my own time.

The Scene Editor, as it stands, was originally written at the ETC by a student who has since moved on. So it doesn’t get a lot of maintainance these days, especially since, by the nature of academia, the ETC team tends to get crushed by other needs for long periods of time before they can come back to dealing with Panda’s needs.

However, Panda3D is open source/free software. This means you have the power to fix the Scene Editor yourself! If it is really holding you up, why not take a look at it? I’ll bet you whatever problems you find will be just stupid problems like changes to the import statements and such. It’ll probably take you half an hour to fix it. And then you’ll have done a service to everyone!


moved on huh well these things happen, and sure i’d be happy to ( no it does not prevent me working on panda ) look into the matter as time permits.