Scene Editor on Ubuntu

I just downloaded Panda3d for ubuntu, but when I try to run the scene editor, it crashes after a window opens and says “no module mousewatcher.”

Just a short question… did you use the search button and searched for “mousewatcher”? Gave me at least 5 results.

If you can program using Python, then you can use this:

If you have trouble with it, try to use the 1.0.5-Version of Panda3D due to the Beta-ness of 1.1.0

But all of this you could have found yourself… ever remember:

“Search” is your friend :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

I just downloaded the program and expect the included programs to work. If nothing esle it’s a bug report. I know about using search. If I was having a problem scripting a program I was writing, I would have used it. Jumping on someone who has just downloaded the program doesn’t help anyone. “Know it all” jerks really get on my nerves so next time do me a favor and don’t respond please. Why is it “read the manual” jerks seem to crawl out of the woodwork on these types of sites?

If you just downloaded the program you may have seen the “beta” -word somewhere. Of course… nobody can know everything, and I am the last one that says rtfm.

All what I want from the ppl is: Just use search once. If you don’t find a useable answer, feel free to post (and include a small hint that you did a search).

On the other side I have no clue why you are THIS kind of pissed off… I was mumbling about using search and gave you the link to the thread that deals with that problem. In case you read it, you might have seen, that 1.1 is pretty new for us too and many bugs (or their fix) are already work in progress…

The “if you can program” means: If you know what you are doing with Python. I am still experimenting and not at a level where I would want to fix the Scene Editor for myself. (that for the suggestion to use 1.0.5 if you want to mess around without the trouble of unexpected bugs that are not “your fault”.

Sorry if I sounded a bit pissed, but we got already a few posts like this that were 1 or 2-liners saying nothing else except “hey! That ain’t working!” Why?!?"
You won’t see any post like my previous one at questions that say what were the things they tried to fix the problem…

Its the “take all you can for free” mentality that I dislike… sure, we are willing to help, but I (in this particular case) dislike the posts that demand help no matter what.

However, please take my apologies if you felt yourself deeply hurt. The intention was to show in a sarcastic way that this problem has been discussed already and that a search @ first is always the best choice.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Sure, I’m going to write a post that includes a statement that I used a search every time I post a question on this site. I just hope there are some other people on this site that are willing to help besides you. I certainly don’t intend to do something that redundant to appease your massive ego.
If the included programs don’t work on the program, it should have been listed a pre-alpha. This is probably a search path problem or an unincluded file. However, I understand and appreciate the fact that binaries are included for something other than windows.

You just disqualified yourself. Saying that it is a not-included file or filepath problem just makes visible that you didn’t take a look into the thread given above.
Why did I know that this would happen?

You can call me a dickhead if you like… I have no problems with that. The community is helpfull/trying to help. In case I don’t fit into your sense of “help”, then better ignore me like you did already (partially)

Thanks for your time.

Regards, Bigfoot29

I agree with Bigfoot.

Nice community.
I’m sorry I didn’t just immediately jump on your precious link oh great one. My ever humble appologies and I bow to your majestic greatness. The point is there is a problem with the distribution that needs to be fixed. It’s much easier for one person to recompile than for many to do a search over your words of wisdom and find out why a program that is included and really one of the selling points of the engine doesn’t work.
The engine looks pretty good, but it looks like a community of rtm’s. I’ll probably still check out the link. I’ve found that even people like you usually do have something useful to say buried under all that ego.
As long as we’re handing out advice today. Why not drop it and try being a real person? People are just people that make mistakes and move on, don’t pontificate. Offer help freely or not at all. The board may seem to repeat itself to someone that reads it all the time, so skip over it and let a newcomer answer or give a polite answer to the question at hand. I’ve found that beginners usually are just trying it out and almost always either give up or start doing there own research. It may seem annoying to you to read a question more than once, but believe me there’s nothing I found more annoying than someone that repeatedly asks beginners to read the manual or do a search. The norm for a community when someone does a first post is to welcome them.

It’s the beginners who should make the effort to get started and not rely on the more experienced members for help. Try doing some research and see if you can solve the problem yourself.

Nice to meet you too.

sigh Ok, just the following from my side in (chrono)logical order:

  • The “Beta” status is easily overlooked, that explains why the demos were expected to run. Could have happened to me, too.
  • It can be seen as a bug report.
  • It was no RTFM, it was a friendly hint with a :wink:
  • If you always run into trouble with people on “this kind of sites” it might tell you something about a possbile “incompatibility”, which is neither your nor their fault.
  • For a two-line bug report it is not the norm to say “Welcome to our Community”. You can expect that if you give a little more of yourself, too - like saying hello yourself, for instance.

That’s all, folks…

Hmmm… I guess this goes also very much into my direction, IP.

We talked that already over… I need to just follow that path more. :confused:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Good posting, IP. I also think that helpfullness should come first, however I think that the following was the problem here:

That’s the incompatibility I hinted at. Neither side should expect too much from community support, and both sides should be somewhat more frustration-resistant and de-escalating if possible. But sometimes exactly the wrong characters meet at the wrong time in the wrong place, so that’s life, too. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the most simple Policy would be :

In face of a question, if this question annoy you, simply don’t respond.
It’s best to not answer that to be rude to any one.

Moreover nobody will hunt you down for not answering.

every beginner hope some one more experienced will help him one day.
every experienced guy hope some experts will help him one day
every experts hope some one will ask him a “Brand new Nasty Question”

and most often, Expert in one topic is beginner in another and experienced in several others…

Keep the place friendly please

Just to steer the discussion back to the original issue, I am also new to Panda and have only a very basic working knowledge of Python. I encountered the same “no Mousewatcher” error and just switched to the stable release of Panda to avoid the problem, but perhaps someone can explain how to fix the bug in the current beta for the benefit of those less experienced in programming or point to some good, basic python tutorials so people can learn for themselves.

Good and easy rule, I like it. :slight_smile:

Even shorter: “Just ignore what annoys you.”

For the sake of community peace I prefer to follow it as much as possible. This holds also true for “Don’t feed the Trolls!”, but luckily we don’t have that kind of trouble yet.