Scaled size of object blender => panda3d (egg)

Hi all from Russia!
I have cube in .egg file with size (1,1,1), and when I add cubes side by side they merged into each other.

Pseudo-code something like this:

z = 0

for x..128 {
 for y..128 {

But if I make cube size to (0.5, 0.5, 0.5), when they sits correctly.
So I guess there is some kind of scale in panda3D, and 1 is actually 0.5 for size?

Source code:


In Panda, 1 unit in an .egg file does in fact equal 1 unit in the scene. Panda does not imply an implicit scale of 0.5 to anything. In which tool did you create the .egg file? Perhaps you could share the .egg file with us?

Keep in mind that if the box vertices range from -1 to 1 in coordinates, the actual size of the box is 2x2.