Id like to play some of the examples. Particularly blackout. Where do i get them?

Most of the sample programs were made by ETC students, and are nowhere available. You’d have to get them from the students who made them. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone knows who made them either. :slight_smile:

Also, most of the games were meant to be played with some uncommon hardware like VR trackers and motion detectors etc.

By the way, there’s not too much to play in the blackout game:
It’s not that much interactive.

though is impressive, to say little.
I’m wondering when that device will hit the stores - looks not much far - bet will be a revolution in VGs…
Another amazing CMETC device and demo, but probably with not easy marketing, is this:

Quite the let down.If these games all become hi tech motion sensors,i may just miss good ol’ WAS&D