same old Ball-in-maze

but with Blender source - I imported the old original egg models and settled up as dictated in the sample script to have collision surfaces and baked texture, plus I added text messages for failure and goal reached in the code.
enjoy it here

Well done ! Very good reference for beginners !

so this is not good for you Cheung since you’re not a beginner anymore! :laughing:
thanks for the compliments nonetheless

I also find it very useful, of course !

Not many experience users share their knowledge in this way and I think you have done a good job. Especially I see the difficulty (especially for beginners) to integrate the models with panda coding and create a working application.

of course you’re right - modelling is an essential part of a 3D app and I always found hard to understand the lack of model sources in the official sample pack. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to remake them all - the upcoming will be the asteroids tutorial.