Running phisics on server?


Iam making a server/client game, and I wish that every thing is managed on the server, the client will be responsible only for receiving the ingormation from the server, displayng the graphics(game, 3d art) and receiving inputs from the player. Doing this to avoid cheaters.

The question is: I have a projectile that is fired using intervals and colision to detect its targets. But how can I do this, without having to run the 3D graphic frame on the server, what would be very heavy, considering a server dealing with lots of clients.

I thought on having the model nodes created on the server, just like in the client, but not parenting them to the “render node”. Would this solve the performance issue? Is there an even better way? For instance a way where I wouldnt need to load models on the server?

Sorry for the bad english and long text.

You can tell Panda not to render a window by adding

loadPrcFileData('', 'window-type none')

before you create an instance of ShowBase (or import DirectStart if you use that).
Physics does not rely on rendering, so this will work just fine.

loadPrcFileData('', 'audio-library-name null')

is also useful.

Thanks for teh help teedee.

Not rendering a window will help a lot the server performance. :smiley: