Running Panda on OS X (Panther)?

I’ve heard about Panda 3D from various people and I’m interested in trying it out. However, my main machine is a powerbook g4, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to install Panda. I’ve heard that some linux based programs can be run on Macs, but unfortunately I’m not familiar with any of that. Does anyone know if:

a) can Panda 3D be run on OS X Panther

and if yes:

b) are there any tutorials or resources where I could learn how to go about setting this up?

Thanks in advance for your help!

There was a whole big discussion about building on OSX here:

Basically you will have to build it yourself, and theoretically it can work. But from what it looks like the people who have tried it haven’t had 100% success, but they made progress. I assume its being worked on, but until then you are more than welcome to try building it.