Run in Brownser and Linux

Hi, I just downloaded Panda3D because I was looking for a software to develop game that runs in web browser both in Win and Linux.

I used to develop in Unity 3D, but now, I need to develop game in Linux too.

Is Panda 3D a good choice for my needs?

Hi, welcome to panda3d.

long answer short: yes.

short answer long: you where not terribly specific about what your needs are.
Panda does a wonderful job running on pretty much every OS withotu having to recode anything. It also allows you to run the game standalone aswell as within the browser.

since you come from unity: panda is “just” a library used to develop games unlike unity which is pretty much a game-creation-kit. so you may find the lack of a scene editor disturbing. if you’r ok with that, no problems. if you enjoy coding python, then panda is THE choice.

Hi Thomas,

My needs are:
Develop 3d and 2d games for Win and Linux through web browser.

About the “game-creation-kit”, I think that I don´t have anything like Unity 3D or similar to use for Linux (as far as I searched). And Panda apears to me, a solution to my problem.

I can develop in Win, but the final result must run in both platforms.

panda will work then.
if you write your game using python code you’ll be able to run your p3d file without modification on all supported platforms. which also include mac btw.

for example 2 of my apps.

originally written before the web-plugin was available. developed on linux with no crossplaformness in mind.
it took me like 3 lines of codechanges to make them work as web-plugin and it works pretty much everywhere i tested it.

Greate job!!

Very interesting your game!

Thanks for your attention.