Hey guy I’ve been hearing about this code language whole week long and I want to find out what’s so special about it.

So these are my questions:
-Why should I learn ruby? What’s so special about it? Because I can’t find a decent answer.

-Can I implement it into Panda3D?

-Is it worth to learn this language?

Ty in advance all (:

what does ruby have to do with panda?

me neither…

i guess you ask if you can use panda within ruby and the answer is yes and no. panda is written in C++ but is designed to be controllable by other languages as well -python is the most supported and most used. basically you CAN use ruby to control panda, but why should you want that? and… if you don’t know ruby it’s quite pointless anyway.

nobody but you can answer this question, but since you’re asking on panda3d’s forums the answer is no. ruby has nothing to do with panda3d, nor have i heard of any connection between them.

have a nice day

IMHO, from a theoretical point of view, Ruby as a language is probably better than python. From a practical point of view, python is superior because of the amount of libraries available. In any case, there’s absolute no advantage to it that would justify making a Panda binding, which is a huge amount of work, plus you’d lose all the python-only functionality. Tip: If you are looking for reasons to do something that is being hyped, you probably shouldn’t.

That would be making a “Panda3D ruby binding” and it would be a waste of time, seriously.

That’s a highly subjective matter. I don’t think it’s useful. Taking an afternoon and learning the basics of the language? Yeah. But wasting serious time getting acquainted with it? No, I don’t think it’s worth it because its market penetration is a fraction of that of other languages. It’s a good idea to go with the popular languages for each particular task, using a niche language means complicating your life a lot for no reason, for once, you’ll miss a lot of libraries.

Having said that, if you really liked the language and felt like doing a binding, nobody would complain, it would be a good thing to have more options. But I think it would be a better idea to use that energy improving the current python binding (there’s a lot of python-only code that should be moved to c++ for example, and the differences between c++ and python usage should be harmonized, imho.)

Ruby is actually fairly similar to Python, in terms of both function and syntax. It’s very high level, and a lot of what it does seems like magic (it has the same “I can’t believe that actually worked” vibe to it).

As for using it with Panda, there’s really no point. It’s not going to offer you anything that Python doesn’t.

That said, my experience with Ruby is limited to Ruby on Rails. If you’re looking to make a web page I’d definitely recommend taking a look at it. I have no idea how it compares to using Python with Django though.

So to sum up, worth learning out of interest, not worth learning if it’s in regards to Panda.

Thx just to ask becus a friend of mine was just saying it would massivly improve my game dev and I didn’t know what he was talking about. Now I know he was talking crap.