RTS units movement using Panda3D AI


I’m playing with Panda3D AI for my small RTS game and have a question.
Currently I have only a flat map with a few dozens units on it. At app init I add all units to AIWorld as an obstacles. Then, when I want to move some unit, I add seek and obstacle_avoidance to his behavior, so unit moves to it’s target and avoids other units on it way.

The problem starts when unit arrives to it’s destination - obstacle_avoidance behavior does not disappear and when other units come close - unit starts to run away. Are there any ways to react on seek finish and pause AI then?

The only option I see now is to make some periodic task which will check how far are moving units from their destinations and pause AI for them if necessary.

Finally I found that AIBehaviors class has method behaviorStatus which can be checked against every unit behavior, so I am doing now in every frame task.