RTPDepthStencil and RTPDepth

What is the difference between these two RenderTexturePlane?
For example: standard demo “Tut-Shadow-mapping-Advanced.py” do not want to work on my hardware with default RTPDepthStencil, but work if I replace it with RTPDepth.

RTPDepthStencil has the depth and stencil buffer packed into the same buffer. This is more efficient, and on many cards this is actually how it is stored internally.

Thanks! Also I looked here and there and has read that stencil component of the texture is not available in the shader in the any case. If it’s so, in this particular case DepthStencil texture not needed, and possible it’s better to replace it with RTPDepth because this example is not works on my (and I think not only on my) PC with ATI and Intel video.