RPG tut

I realy want somebody to give me a tut how to make a rpg because I gust haven`t time to make it on my own.

A tutorial wouldnt’t save you from spending a lot of time working on your RPG. If you have no time to do that, it might be a good idea to hire an external developer to do the work.

I mean i haven`t time to study the engine so I need a tut where everything is described.Heal bar , attack ,camera , missions, levels and etc…
BTW: I am studying for a network engineer. :slight_smile:

Might also be useful to specify how much you are willing to pay for said walkthrough, otherwise I don’t think you’re going to find many people interested in making it for you.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely anyone will have the time to study it for you and then write your game. Most people are quite busy studying the engine for themselves and writing their own games.

The problem is that someone with that much knowledge wont do it for free. Besides, describing everything about an engine in such detail, so that somebody not knowing the engine could work with it, would take longer then to just learn the engine. By the time you are done writing all those tutorials, you could start over because the engine has changed so much.

What you’re looking for is propably more like a drag & grop RPG maker. Panda3D is not that, neither are commercial development kits like Torque, Unity, UDK and all those.

Depending on the level of sophistication you are aiming for you might take a look at older 2D RPG kits like Coldstone. Torque 2D is a full-fledged solution but still requires you to learn scripting, provide art, buy a licence etc.

People who dont know the internals of a game yet use it’s tools to make one are usually called level designers. You’re propably better off trying to mod existing RPGs. Take a look at moddb.com. Diablo II is moddable too.

Pfff…Ok i see.Well that I like the internet so much.
Boot from cd…
Stage 2…
sudo start-network
KDE is up and running.
Apache is up and running.
We will see when i have more free time.Probably in the summer.

The worst thing for me right now is the learning too late. Nothing I hate more than learning something new about the engine that makes the way I was doing something vague. It’s a pain in the “donkey” to go back and redo a tone of work because I discovered that P3D does this that way and does that this way.

An example would be Bump Mapping. Bump Mapping seems to be tied around point lights for some reason. Even the Bump Mapping Tutorial uses a point light and you can not define a directional light for the tutorial either. I’m guessing an older version of P3D was used. When I started my project, I knew I would have Directional lights setup as well as point lights.

Bump Mapping seem to not work well with Directional Lights.

Instead of destroying all lighting and burning a lot of time fighting with P3D’s Bump Mapping abilities, I just simply used pre-bump mapped textures. Of course the effect isn’t as good as doing it down the graphics pipe line, but my textures are so well design, the visuals are still just as stunning. I’ll fight with P3D’s bump mapping after I finish my current project, and before I start any new ones. (Since I have to finish this project before this year is out)

As I get more comfortable with the engine, my entire work flow speeds up. I’m already a python user, so I feel somewhat at home coding in that language. It seems like I’ve learned a lot about P3D, but in reality I know I’ve learned very little about the Engine.

Once I finish this project, I made a promise to dive into P3D’s API docs and see what I can pull out useful, before I start another project. Being a top-notch Artist means the artistic part of my project will not be an issue. Having a very good mind for talking to the CPU through codes is one of my strong points as well, so I can pretty much code in any in-game effect I want, once I have a clear understanding of the APIs involved.

So where will I stumble? The Engine (Panda)… This project will not be my best work even when I complete it because I’m picking up new techniques as I find out new things about Panda, but don’t get me wrong…even now it looks damn professional and I haven’t even gotten to the graphic phase yet. I’m still doing the technical stuff.

What bugs me about game players… They complain so much about this and that, but have no idea of the hardships involved with making a commercial title. The first thing they scream is Graphics! Yeah, visuals are nice but guess what, gamer? You have to have Performance as well; as a developer you have to make a choice…more visuals, more performance, or a balance of both.

My current project is going to be balanced. I want this application to run on a single core 2.4 GHz or less with no problem and good fps. That’s why I’ve drop the resolution of my textures…making them much smaller so the data going down the graphics pipeline is smaller. (I will most likely include a high resolution data cab with the installation, by choice)

I will not use animated vertices by armatures for all characters, just the main character. I realized animated vertices by armatures takes a lot of computing and I want to minimize the CPU’s work. Not everyone will have a 10,000 PC and I want everything I develop playable for most people. Of course animating the other characters mean doing more work now, but I don’t mind because I can have character graphics that look a lot closer to their CG counter parts.

Apache? Makes me ponder if you’re looking more to create something like/with this:


In which case, Panda3D probably isn’t what you want.


Sadly,if you say it like above, you can not succeed in your goal.
That means you need to change the way you want to get to your goal.

So for now let me help you so much.

  1. It is very possible to create an RPG with Panda3d.
  2. You need to understand of what do the various parts of a game consist of.
    Health bar - DirectGUI
    Attack - Animated model, Actor
    Camera - well its … base.camera
    Missions(or Quests) - bunch of game logic(easy :stuck_out_tongue:)
    Levels - loader.loadModel(‘level.bam’)

If you don’t understand what to make and how to make, no one else will, and if you do understand what you need, then there is nothing that can stop you from making a RPG.

Maybe that helps for now:
[Multiplayer online game)

Good luck