Round of coordinates

Good time.

I’m writing a voxel game in the big world, comparable to our (now set in the config: 2 ** 24 meters, and this is 16777216).
So faced with this problem, which coordinates large flat voxels distorted.

Is there a built-in panda to combat this problem, or will have to invent some kind of workaround?
What ever be the way to solve the problem? (Of course, reducing the size of the world is not considered).

Screenshots are attached. Coordinates are visible in the status bar, if that.

It’s looking nice, but I don’t get the question.


Question: how to remove the distortion?

I guess you mean the texture bleeding, which is caused by filtering. Read more about it here: … lter_Types

Or do you rather mean distortion of positions caused by floating point number precision?

Yes, indeed

split your giant world into smaller pieces. if the camera moves far away from the “center” of your world, move the entire world around so the camera is closer to the original position again.

something like that should work altho i didn’t spend too much time with the details.

Thx for your answer. I did as how you said, split world on 256 regions with 65536 voxels. It’s work, I am happy :3