Rotation Clamping!?

after hours of messing around… i have a quite serious question.
assuming myNode has an HPR of 0,0,0
can it be possible that

myNode.setH( myNode, 200 )

results in an H-value of -160


myNode.setH( myNode.getH()+ 200 )

results in 200 as expected??

is there some auto-value-clamping involved when setting rotations relative to a nodepath which results in -180 to 180 values?

if so… why?

Yes. But it’s not so much an auto-clamping, it’s just that relative node operations (might) require composing a matrix, and then decomposing it again. This, of course, loses the range of H.

There are functions in PythonUtil, namely fitSrcAngle2Dest and fitDestAngle2Src, that are designed to help you compensate for angles that might have lost their range information.