rotating a model in the egg file

Wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in the pipeline forum…

I have a model in an egg file that is facing the wrong direction. I saw elsewhere in the forum that egg-optchar can rotate this for me, but it was never explained how. The instructions I have found in the manual describe node naming, etc. but nothing about rotating the model.

How can I turn the model around? Basically, if I give +Y to it’s position, it moves towards the back of the ship. Everything else seems right (ie: left to right is not mirrored, and it is right side up)


You can use:

egg-optchar -h

to list all of the available command-line options to egg-optchar. In general, you can do this for any Panda command-line program.

In your particular case, the solution is:

egg-optchar -TR 0,0,180 -inplace -keepall model.egg

if your egg file is Z-up, and:

egg-optchar -TR 0,180,0 -inplace -keepall model.egg

if your egg file is Y-up.

Note that egg-optchar is only appropriate if your model is animated, e.g. an Actor. If it is a static model that you load via loader.loadModel(), you should use egg-trans to do this instead.