Dear Forum,

are Ropes arc-length parametrized ?

Ok, let me elaborate that a little more. I have a path a point should travel upon. this Path is represented by a
Rope an can be manipulated by changing the control Points of the Rope.

if the parametric space talked about in the Rope class:

   def getPoints(self, len):
        """Returns a list of len points, evenly distributed in
        parametric space on the rope, in the coordinate space of the
        Rope itself."""
        result = self.curve.evaluate(self)
        startT = result.getStartT()
        sizeT = result.getEndT() - startT

        numPts = len
        ropePts = []
        for i in range(numPts):
            pt = Point3()
            result.evalPoint(sizeT * i / float(numPts - 1) + startT, pt)
        return ropePts

is arc-length parametrized accomplishing the movement would be easy by getting enough points by said method and interpolate between them; if it’s not I will have to roll it myself