So I’m creating an FPS game, and I want people to be able to create rooms (basically levels but with certain players and a certain terrain). I have the setRoom command down which basically sets the clientrepository to a certain room number, but how would I get room names/info and send (create) room name/info to the server?

Assuming you’re using the Distributed Networking System, create a distributed object for each room, and call distributed methods on it, add each new room to some type of distributed room manager, and have each client check that room manager to find a room to join.

Here’s a structure I’d use for my rooms:

Room ID (uint8 OR uint16 for large games),
Room Owner (string) - This is just the player’s name who created the room,
Room Visibility (uint8) - This is the room visibility level 0=Public, 1=Private. (OPTIONAL)