Roaming Ralph question

Hey folks,

I’ve been working with the roaming ralph code and I’ve got everything working with one exception, when I try to get the name of the object my ray is colliding with.

The code is:

        entries = []
        for i in range(self.ralphGroundHandler.getNumEntries()):
            entry = self.ralphGroundHandler.getEntry(i)
        entries.sort(lambda x,y: cmp(y.getSurfacePoint(render).getZ(),
        if (len(entries)>0) and (entries[0].getIntoNode().getName() == "floor"):
            print entries[0].getIntoNode().getName()

When I realized it wasn’t working I added the line “print entries[0].getIntoNode().getName()” to both my code and the roaming ralph example. Roaming ralph does return “Terrain” like it’s supposed to, but my code returns nothing. I can only assume that the difference is in the model that I’m using. I’m exporting my environment from 3D MAX 8 and I know my objects are named properly. Is there some way I need to modify the EGG, perhaps?

i have had this problem before.

Did you find the terrain and set proper bit masks?

you can also use to see what node names you got under it before you go renaming the egg.