roaming ralph positioning

i noticed that the starting position of roaming ralph is drawn from the egg file itself

I am trying to place several tokens on a really curvy track and was thinking of using this method to place these tokens

if i just use trial and error it would probably take forever, if there are alternate methods which can accomplish the same result i would really love to know

i tried copying the “start_pos” code from roaming ralph’s world.egg and replacing the coordinates with my own coordinates in my own egg file, but token did not appear

the coordinates i am using is a vertex which is in the middle of the road of the track so it would definitely appear along the track if i was right (but apparantly I’m wrong), but it didnt

i am thinking it has something to do with the <Matrix (X)> which i belive is generated only when exporting from 3DSMax, but i am using Maya 8.5 and have no knowledge on this

btw i am making a sort of racing game which is why my environment is a track

In Maya, create locators and then find them as in RR.

tnx alot for the reply

the most uncanny thing is that i found this out at just about the same time as your reply

well anyways its a big help