Take a look at my latest project implemented using panda3d and python.


It’s a interaction concept i have been working on the last 3 months (my bachelor exam project). I will release the source once i get the time, but it requires some hardware to work.

Did you use GlovePie or custom access to the Wiimote signal?

I did use GlovePie to make a slideshow in panda for my 6months old son…
Every time he shakes the wiimote, it make a nice sound and a new
animal appears on screen, with the animal sound looping and a family member voice telling the name of the animals two times…

If he shakes more on the horizontal axis, he browses the animal in the animal groups (ex pigs then cow in the “Farm Animals” group).

If he shakes more on the vertical axis, he browses the animal groups (Farm Animals, Jungle Animals…)

To be honest, only time he shakes in vertical axis is when he drops the wiimote :slight_smile:

And i do play FPS with the wiimote :slight_smile:

That looks amazing!

The 3D environment you have looks really cool too. Did you construct that in Panda?

that looks really cool.

I have coded everything myself, including the wiimote driver in python http://www.wiili.org/index.php/Python_driver. The scene is rendered in panda3d. Everything was modelled with blender, most graphics done in gimp (some in photoshop, but only because i got a school license).

I have written a “ingame” editor to place visual and sound objects in the scene.

I will most probably release some parts of the game, maybe even the whole projects with sources, but i cant promise it right now. I got to check that with my school first.

The basic “editor” and the wiimote driver are parts that i will release quite sure in the next weeks.

Really? I don’t think your school has any right to tell you what to do with your code. Is it in case other people send you improvements and that ends up getting you a better grade? I’m at a university, and whenever I’m working on some code I follow a release early, release often approach and slap a copyleft license on it from the get go, so that even if the school tried to stop me from releasing it further down the line they wouldn’t be able to because of the copyleft. Not that my school would do anything like that anyway. David Siegel, who wrote GNOME Do for a school project, has a presentation online somewhere about developing open source code for school projects, worth a read.

Anyway, I think the environment you developed looks fun, I look forward to seeing it.

As i am going to make a living out of things like this. Releasing everything is not what i will be able to do every time. Also the setup requires some hardware to work (IR-LED-Arrays, Power supply, Reflectors, 2Wiimotes). So it’s only interesting to those who really want to work with it (and invest time to setup the hardware).

It will take some more time to create a package and a english translation of the project description/setup.

You are right that i am able to do with the project what i want. However the school automatically received the usage rights for the projects i created. Actually im looking into this project with my teachers how it could be used in other contexts (for example stroke therapy for children to train motoric movements, interactive environments in exhibitions). If there is few chance that this could be a first income for me, releasing all to the public is what i would definately do. On the other hand if i can earn money through it i will be able to create more games & stuff with panda3d where portions of the code will be available to the public for sure and help others to create theyr own games.

Here is the actual version of the wii driver:

This is extremely interesting because I think I could use your code for the wiimote for a project at school.

Just the fact that it’s possible to write a driver for the wiimote without using glovepie is really nice!

Thanks for sharing