RFI:Precursors Flight Test

Just posted a youTube video of what the latest development session yielded…


That’s a demo app we’re using to test control schemes and flight mechanics separate from the rest of our code. We should be putting this in soon (next week or two.) The comment on the video gives you the full background.


I’m impressed!

It looks like you’ve put lots of work into the space and planet atmosphere.

Only suggestion from my part (if you want them, that is):
When shipping the game out (releasing it…) give out bam files instead of egg files, that’s the reason your load times are so slow. bam files are about 70% faster and take up about 70% less space, too.

I’d like to see a higher details spaceship model of some sort, the one you have right now from my perspective looks very lego-ey! Of course, this is up to you.

Maybe more interaction with the planets? Landing perhaps? Or what happens if you crash into them? I’d love to see! :smiley:

Looks great, keep up the good work!

I’m impressed, too, congratulations!

This should be done automatically by packp3d/ppackage.

Actually, panda should be caching the bam files already. So either there’s a permission issue, and my bam cache isn’t writable, or this computer’s just that slow. I didn’t notice any warnings about the bam cache, and when I changed the models it too that much longer… so I think it really just is this laptop. I/O seems to kill it, and those models (even in bam) are big…

Those slow speeds only happen on this computer. So, when we package it up, it shouldn’t be an issue. We’re a long way from that, though.

laughs That’s what you get when you let a programmer attempt to model :wink:. No, the model is a placeholder. In fact, that entire application’s only a demo to let us test different control schemes; it’s not even the main app (which has a GUI, chat, networking, and such.) But, the flight demo was nice looking, so I thought I’d share.

Trust me, as soon as we can find a modeler, there will be much more impressive models. (The asteroids, believe it or not, took a few minutes in blender, and then a texture generator made the textures, with bump map. They look really good for being the same level of effort as the ship.)

Oh, we plan on that. As soon as we have things like docking with stations working, we’ll work up another little video. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m really happy with how things are coming along. :slight_smile: