[RESOLVED] maya2egg and textures

Hi Panda people!

It’s been a time since my last post on 3DsMax or Maya conversion so here I am :smiley:

I’m (still) doing a script to convert Collada files in egg, I use Maya to import the Collada files and save them in “.mb”. Then I use maya2egg to export them in egg.
I do that with maya python modules and it works great for me, except for one thing with textures.

I have lots of meshes refering to textures I don’t have on my computer and I don’t want to open each file to change these tex datas. Besides Maya can open Collada and “.mb” files even if it can’t find the textures, and it goes the same way for Panda and egg files (just a warning I believe)

My problem is that, when I use maya2egg with those Maya files, the export fails! Is there any way to force the export to do as if the textures exist or simply ignore them? Or any other way to make it succeed?


From maya2egg -h:

  -noexist     Don't treat it as an error if the input file references
               pathnames (e.g. textures) that don't exist.  Normally,
               this will be flagged as an error and the command aborted;
               with this option, an egg file will be generated anyway,
               referencing pathnames that do not exist.


Oups! My bad on this one! I read the doc but not carefully enough I see.
Thanks David