[Resolved] Actor Subpart Direct Transformation Question

I have recently stumbled upon information regarding the actor subpart system, and while I will definitely be able to use it for multi-part actor animations, I have been thinking of another use for it in my project. However, before I jump into a great deal of time and labour, I would like to have an idea of whether or not this could work.

From what I have gathered, actor subparts can reference joints, which during animation transform areas of the model by controlling vertices. What I am wondering is whether or not subparts can be directly transformed in the script. Id est if I build a model and define a subpart of that model, then can I call setPos(), setScale() and/or setH()/setP()/setR() in order to transform the position, scale and/or rotation of the subpart?

If not, then how could I go about transforming areas of the actor without changing the base model itself?

Yes, in fact, one of the same programs supplied with Panda (I believe it is the one with Eve) demonstrates exactly this technique.


I almost can’t believe the answer was sitting on my hard drive this entire time. Regardless, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.