Requirements to distribute a Panda3D game made in c++

Hello Everyone, I am new to panda3D and the forum.

After checking many open source engines, I decided to use Panda 3D to make my games because of the good balance of the features and ease of use. I am a c++ coder and some of the features I want to put in my game are very intensive, so I started the tutorials and so far I’m good. However one question started to bug me and I cannot find the answer so I want to ask you guys.

Since i am using Visual Studio express 2008 and the game comes as en exe file. I need to know what other files should be distributed with my game since I am using my own installer scripts with NSIS.

Thanks for your help

At most everything in C:/Panda3D-1.8.1/bin, plus the “etc” directory, perhaps “models” if you use any of the model files in there.

You won’t need everything in bin, though. You can get rid of all the exe’s, pyds, and all of the other modules you don’t need and aren’t used by other components of Panda. For instance, if you don’t use libRocket, you can get rid of Rocket*.dll and libp3rocket.dll.

If you’re going to distribute your copy of Panda, though, I would advise you to build Panda3D from source (it’s not difficult), build it with the components that you’d like to have enabled only, and use the --optimize 4 option for a faster release build.

Thanks, for the info.

Do I need to put the files In need from the “bin” folder next to the executable file or I must create a path for Panda and put them there? Perhaps building from source would be an option but if there’s a way without building from source I will welcome it for now (to test in another PC that does not have panda Installed)

Thanks again

You can put them next to the executable file for simplicity.