Reparenting to aspect2d...

I’ve had another revelation recently. I was trying to mess around with DirectGUI objects and then realized I can just reparent a regular egg to aspect2d to use as GUI objects.

My question is this:

Is there a performance hinderance by doing this or does Panda3d just not render the geometry that’s not visible since it’s just a 2d object now?

Can I still do stuff with the object that I’ve parented like picking? I’m wanting to make a button bar where I can drag and drop other objects onto it.



I think you’ll find that simply parenting geometry to the aspect2d screen will render a little bit faster than wrapping it up in a DirectLabel. This is because a DirectLabel adds a few extra nodes and processing overhead to the works.

On the other hand, picking is harder, because a DirectLabel adds some extra processing overhead that makes picking the object easy. You can still do it, if you want to do all the work by hand that DirectLabel does for you automatically, but you might as well use the code that’s already written for you.


Ok David, thanks, more stuff to think about now :slight_smile: