RenderPipeline | Python crash :(

Hi! I am new to Panda3D.

Today I installed the RenderPipeline, but I have a problem, when trying to enter some sample python crash. :neutral_face:

This is what is happening ->

In consola ->

I’m pretty confused. I do not speak English so everything is more difficult for me…

Panda3D without RenderPipeline works perfectly.

Could someone help me with this problem?
Thank you

Sorry for my bad English, I speak Spanish.



Which panda3d version are you using?
A self compiled one, or one from the buildbot page?


Sorry for the delay and thanks for your response.
From here -> … =devel&sdk
I am using the latest version available -> Panda3D-SDK-1.10.0pre-45356e8-x64.exe

I tried installing and reinstalling, but I did not get anything.


I just downloaded the latest version available. I continue with the same error.
I wanted to use Python for this project, but apparently it does not work :frowning:
I’ll have to change engine. I’ll try with Unity3D u.u

Do the regular panda3d samples work? What are your system stats?

I currently experience exactly the same problem as francoiz, even though Pipeline used to work before and Panda 3d samples still work.
Before it stopped working I started installing Visual Studio 10 to install C++ Pipeline packages and before the installation even finished, samples stopped working. Reinstalling the Pipeline didn’t give any results (and also I still can’t install C++ packages (CMake error at ‘blablabla’: The C compiler ‘blablabla/VC/bin/cl.exe’ is not able to compile a simpe test program.) I have to do something with VS, don’t I?).

So… How can I fix that? Thanks in advance.

This indicates an issue with your Visual Studio installation.

Please note that the latest Panda3D buildbot builds for Python 3.5 and 3.6 are nowadays built with Visual Studio 2015.

Thanks, will try updating VS soon. In fact, I only installed VS 10 because I knew for a fact VS 15 didn’t work as intended on my machine, but seems like I’ll have to find a way to fix that.

I am facing exactly the same issue i.e python crashes when using render pipeline even when i run the render pipeline samples , whereas regular panda render pipeline as well as regular samples works flawlessly , My laptop specs are corei5 , 4gb of ram , 500gb H.D space and intel HD5500 graphics card , i compiled Panda3d myself from source code and have all the pre-requisites i.e VisualStudio2010 with latest patch applied as well as microsoft windows SDK 7.1 .
Can someone guide me as what exactly is happening and how to resolve the issue i.e python crash when using render pipeline.
thanks in advance !!