RenderOrder, DepthTest, SetBin...

Hi guys!
I’m having some problems with depth, bin etc.
I did a test here at Yarr, making camera.setFar(70). I thought that the comands below would keep the skybox in view, but they don’t.

self.skybox.setBin('background', 1)

Is this the expected outcome? I’m doing something wrong?
I’d like to keep the skybox in view even if the camera “can’t get there”… =/

Thanks in advance,

Bringing the far clipping plane in very close, with setFar(70), has nothing to do with the depth test. Anything beyond 70 units will get clipped regardless of what bin it’s in or what mode it’s being drawn in.

However, you can make the skybox very small, smaller than 70 units, and then use binning and depth test to force it to draw behind everything else, so that it looks really big. So just add:


or whatever scale is appropriate to bring it sufficiently close.


Thanks David!

I just misunderstood the functionality.