Rendering Panda Programs Within A Panda Window?

I’d like to investigate the possibility of a GUI for Panda programs, written in Panda3D. That is, a program in which you can open other Panda3D programs and they will be rendered as textures, such as with rendertoTexture, but also allow input to be sent to these programs.

Is this a feasible idea? If so where might I start?


Panda already has a gui. And i think you could also direct it’s rendering to a texture. However the Panda Manual in the chapter “Panda Rendering Process” needs to be fixed. Since version 1.3 there are changes on the interfaces of GraphicsPipe, GraphicsEngine and GraphicsOutput.

renderToTexture is not a good idea.
If you have other Panda3d programs, just let the cameras be displayed using displayRegion in the same window.
See also this topic, that might help you out.