Rendering in Maya vs Panda

I am uncertain what is causing this, but when I use a model I created in Maya (textured), it only renders it with single colors, as opposed to the decidedly more 3-d look that occurs in Maya. Is there an easy way to fix this?

Maya render:

Panda render:

You need lighting. If your in pview, hit “L” for lit preview. Check out the panda manual for stuff on lighting.

That fixed everything, thanks!

I’d like to ask:

I had the same problem. If I view it in pview and hit l it works ok but if I open the “tutorial” environment (the trees) and load my model instead of the panda one, it’s “lighted up to full” again. Is the panda looking ok because the model was made for “no lightning” environment?

I guess I should try and put a lightning source in there…

Yes, it was.