Rendering different objects to different "eyes" of stereoCameraDisplayRegion

im having some issues with applying camera masks to each eye of stereo camera
i have two copies of a card that will receive different textures and they are masked to two cameras
but then the renderer only renders one of the cards but for both eyes

        sdr = manager.buffers[0].getDisplayRegion(3),10000)
        leftEye: DisplayRegion  = sdr.getLeftEye()
        rightEye: DisplayRegion = sdr.getRightEye()
        rightEye.setClearDepthActive(True),10000),55) # change to init var # change to init var

and then in other part of the code I hide the generated cards using the bitmask :

        # set up a stereo cards to apply the numpy texture
        cm = CardMaker('cardMaker')
        self.background = NodePath("background")
        # generate cards and attach them to the background node 
        self.cardL : NodePath = self.background.attachNewNode(cm.generate())
        self.cardR : NodePath = self.background.attachNewNode(cm.generate())
        # Set streams  to render in respective camera views

and im getting the weird result (one of the card is visible with two eyes and the other is invisible)

The left and right display regions share the same camera when using a stereo display region. So the second call to setCameraMask overrides the first one.

There is no way I know of to hide an object from one camera only (because, for efficiency, the left/right eyes are culled together). Either use two cameras, forgoing Panda’s stereo system, or you should use some other technique to achieve what you are after, such as multiview textures.

Thank You for tips, i’ve used one multiview texture to achieve the intended result.