Rendering a posing Actor to texture


We want actor portraits as part of our GUI. This means we need to render some (already existing) actors to a texture, but set a different pose (animation) before. The portrait should always display a frame from a specific animation, regardless if the actor is currently running, walking, etc.

Of course we dont want to set this animation on the actor that is used in the 3D world, to prevent it from flickering between animations when we set the portrait pose.
We are currently trying to copy-construct the Actor and set the wanted animation on that new instance, but I was wondering if there is some simpler, more straightforward way to do this?
This sounds like a common problem to me…

Thanks in advance,

Copying your actor and posing the copy sounds like a perfectly reasonable solution, and should be straightforward and simple. I can’t imagine what kind of interface would be simpler than this.


What dave said.

This could work too:
If the model is not really dynamic in nature (code wise etc), you could just render a specific angle/pose inside of the modeling program and export it as a png/tiff whatever and use that as a texture.