RenderEffect DTOR

I guess this is a quite silly question, but my head is a bit cloudy right now:
I have a class derived from RenderEffect, and I want to clean it up before it gets destroyed. Destruction is initialized with np.clear_effect(MyRenderEffect).

I have implemented a destructor which handles the cleanup, but now I get a warning (no matter if the DTOR is virtual or not):

Detected leak for MyRenderEffect which interrogate cannot delete.

Is this to be expected? If I can no use a DTOR to cleanup, is there a callback or virtual function I could implement (didn’t see any)?

That error simply means you have made the destructor private, so it cannot be called by anything other then the class itself or its friends.

Make sure the destructor is PUBLISHED (or at least public, in the case of a virtual destructor).


Arg, silly me. I knew it was something stupid. You are right, I places the DTOR right below the (private) CTOR, so it has been private too. Thank you very much.