Render to vertexBuffer? Multipass vertex shader


I need to have a mesh transformed through several complex vertices treatments. Since the number of inputs (non uniform) are capped to 16, I’d like to perform some form of ‘multipass’ vertex shading in Cg.

The questions are:
(0) how to attach the two (or more) passes of vertex shading to my Panda3D node and have them completed sequentially?

(1) how to store the first pass result (transformed vertices) in a temporary vertexBuffer?

(2) how to pass input parameters to the various stages?

Any hint is gladly welcome!

No shader guru around the forum??

Though such a system is planned for a future release of Panda, we don’t currently provide an easy pass-system for this purpose. That said, you could implement this using display regions and graphics buffers, with a bit of effort.

Thanks rdb,
I’ll have a look at the graphic buffers approach.