render text inside a plane

i’m tring to make a kind of tag clound in 3d. tags that are most used are visualized in a plane that are near the camera (z coordinate is lower), tags that are less used are visualized in a plane far from the camera.

so i need planes with string textured with a specified font inside of it.

i’m just reading the manual (even if i don’t need issues like shaders or rigging) and examples but till now i do not find something usefull.

some advice?

all in the manual :slight_smile: pick the one that fits your needs best. textnode sounds like the thing you want.

sorry i’m really new to panda3d.

import direct.directbase.DirectStart 
from pandac.PandaModules import CardMaker, NodePath, TextNode
from direct.gui.DirectGui import * 

# base node
node = NodePath("Sprite" ) 

# cardmaker instance
card = CardMaker('testname') 
card.setFrame(100, 100, 100, 100) 

# insert the GeomNode of the card it into scenegraph
k = card.generate()
nptemp = node.attachNewNode(k)

# create text
text = TextNode('node name')
text.setText("Every day in every way I'm getting better and better.")

# link it to scenegraph (?)
t = nptemp.attachNewNode(text)


i see only a grey window. no text inside, i tried to insert the TextNode object both in the CardNode and NodePath and main render objects but nothing is showed

ok it was out of window size and i have to move the camera back to see it. stupid.

an advice, please: i have to make some visualization, like tag cloud in some walls (in 3d). so the camera can oan in left and right to one of the tag-walls.
what is the best:

  • move camera back and let the walls stay at coordinate y=0 or
  • does not touch camera coordinates (but moved only with default “task that allows you to move the camera using the mouse” ?