I would like to know if it’s possible to only render the skeleton of a character hiding the 3D model?

Thank you all!

Gabriel Blanco

The skeleton doesn’t have a visible representation. I guess you could construct your own geometry to represent the skeleton and parent that to each joint.



That was my initial problem. I have a maya file with a character skinned to a skeleton! I want to change the 3D mesh withou lossing the sking envolopes. I’m not even sure what am i saying here!

I have a fbx model, that i need to apply to a skeleton and use the character in Panda3D.

Parenting is enought or do i need to used skin envelopes?


An alternative to my problem is to export a maya 2010 file to egg to use in Panda! Is there an exporter?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. The skinning of a model–the particular assignment of vertices to joints–is handled by the animation/modeling package, not by Panda. If you have a new, unskinned model, you will need to use a tool such as Maya to apply it to an existing skeleton; you can’t simply load a static model and apply it to a skeleton at runtime. (There is an exception for rigid-body animation. If your model is simple enough that you will be satisfied with total rigid-body animation, you can simply expose all of the joints and attach each part of your new model to the corresponding joint at runtime. This is what I had proposed above.)

If you have two different models that are skinned to the same skeleton, you can convert both of them to egg form and use them interchangeably with the same animations.

There is no exporter for Maya 2010 yet, but you might be able to back-port your model to Maya 2009 (if you have a copy of that available) and convert that way.