Render scene on demand

I have some experience using panda3d but on a new project I want to use it on a different way. I would like to create a scene and load models and include several cameras. But I want to render the cameras to a file (each one to a differen PNG file) and on demand, not necessarily at the same time. I figured out that I can just call “base = ShowBase()” and then call “base.taskMgr.step()” to avoid entering the main loop. I do not see the point of rendering continuously. But I cannot figure out how to put this together with the information on this link. Can someone help me?

Isn’t that enough?,the%20script%20you%20are%20running.

In your case, you can have one camera, pre-set its position in one of the five places and take a screenshot, saving the result to repeat the steps.