Render everything in gray scale

Is there a way to render everything in gray scale?

I’m using SetColorScale currently, however it isn’t really the effect I’m looking for. When the player dies, I’d like everything under render to be rendered in shades of gray.

You can do that if you’re willing to write a custom shader for all of the objects in your scene. Without a shader, your only option is to replace all of your textures with grayscale copies of the same textures.


I was hoping for something a little more simplistic(a built in filter to do this would be great), but shaders it is.

Thanks for the advice.

i think i saw such a shader in demomaster

Hum, maybe this is possible with the fixed-function pipeline, by use of combine modes, or something like that. But using a shader would be the easiest way.

If you don’t want to write a shader, you can use the bloom filter and set the intensity to 0 and desat to 1. Not sure if it will work though.

How will you do that?