render and render2d parenting

I am trying to make a moveable “inventory window”, and my intension is to integrate a 2D (the GUI and still images) and 3D (the character, rotateable) together for better control.

Can I parent them to render and render2d respectively, which will parent to another dummy node? So when I move the dummy mode,
everything is moving.

Something like this:

dummyNode (the root)
-render (first hierarchy)
–3d character (second)
-render2d (first)
–the GUI, the items and other 2d frame stuff (second)

It doesn’t really work that way. First, you can’t just move the top of the graph (e.g. render) and expect anything to change onscreen, because the camera is also parented to render! So when you move render, you take the camera with it–you’re just picking up the whole movie studio, cameras and all, and setting it down somewhere else, so the cameras are still filming the same thing.

Second, the 3-d scene and the 2-d scene are necessarily disconnected. The 2-d scene is stuck to the glass, the 3-d scene is not. If you want to have 2-d elements that are associated with the camera’s position in 3-d space, you can put them in the 3-d space themselves. Of course, DirectGui elements do not work this way; they must be stuck to the glass.


Thanks David!

Now I have a more clear idea!