Remove unwanted parts of texture

Hello everybody…
Is there a way to make the texture background transparent(by removing the parts surrounded by circles)
I tried to use all kinds of texturing modes but no result

Thanks in advance

Use either a PNG image with an alpha channel or an alpha map. Everything described here:

Also if i recall correctly, loadTexture() accepts an alpha map as second argument.

Maybe your answer was short but it gave me a good access to understand things I didn’t recognize before
Ok…I found a solution and I will write it for future searchers:
(Note: I didn’t use setTexture function…but I just textured it in blender by U/V image editor then import it)

1-My texture was in TGA format so I used a software to convert to another format (JPG for example)

2- Then I used the image editor of Game Maker 8 software to remove the background color (May also use GIMP or Photoshop but I used GM8 because I’m familiar with it) then I save it in PNG format (the only format available for you in that program)

3- Now I import the model in blender then textured it using UV image editor in the normal way

4-Follow instructions in this page:

5- Now export the model and pview it: and it worked

Edit: The tga file may be transparent by itself so you may not need to use an image editor again but its better to convert that file into PNG format