Remove FMOD

I have seen multiple entries in the forums stating that to sell Panda 3D as a commercial product all one must do is “remove FMOD”

How do I go about doing this? Is it a case of recompiling panda without FMOD?

in the 2007.12.11 build of Panda 3D does using packPanda pack up FMOD into the exe also?



I think you just have to remove the fmod.dll and thats it. If you set your config file to use openAl it would not even load it. I would worry about when you get there you will know far more how to recompile panda3d and how panda3d works.

Well I’m “there”. All that is left for my app b4 release is to remove FMOD (and any other modules that may infringe copyright), and in field testing.

Other than that I have learned a considerable amount about panda 3D.

I’m not worried about panda loading or not loading FMOD, the fact that the FMOD module exists in the distribution exe would surely breach the copyright. I can see how removing the dll would sortof prevent this… but is that all FMOD is, a dll? Surely there are more components that make up FMOD that should be removed.

Well looking forward to finishing this project so I can get on to using Panda for “fun stuff”.


I think that removing the DLL should be plenty, but if you want to be absolutely thorough, you could download the panda3d source and compile it without FMOD support. The command to compile would be:

makepanda\makepanda.bat --everything --no-fmod


Thanks for the replies.

I hope to contribute more to the panda community now that this project is coming to an end.


Also don’t forget to remove FFTW and ARToolKit. Just run and it will tell you command switches, You should also compile it without any thing else you dont need and remove debugging information etc…

It would be nice if you post the setting you com up with it can be a bit of a puzzle.