Regarding pushers and collisions... [SOLVED]

Well, I’m working with pushers now, and its great! Fixes most of my collision problems.

However, I just wanted to check, just in case.

Is there a way to detect collisions with pushers?

I used to use normal collision events to detect and react according to the collision (CollisionHandler events). But after I made them into pushers, they won’t react to the events anymore.

Is there any events for pusher events?


If you look here: … dlerPusher
You can see that CollisionHandlerPusher inherits from CollisionHandlerEvent. So you can just set event patterns on your pusher, too.

AH! I see, thanks!

Completely forgot that it inherits.

Now I can have fun working with my collision system with pushers.

Thanks once again pro-rsoft!