Regarding LerpAnimInterval...

Hello everyone, long time i did not post here :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this function somewhere around here in the forum, as far as i know is an interval for blending from one animation to another? seem quite interesting, i looked trough the basic manual and couldnt find it (although it is inside the classes list) Can somebody please give me more information about what does this interval actually do?, i think it looks nice enough to be used for changin smoothly between animations withouth creating “transitions” inside your egg (well at least i think that’s what is meant for)

Thanks in advance for your help

PD: That class list can be pretty useful when you want to find nice things (like LerpAnimInterval :slight_smile:), however i do not know if all of it can be safely used :stuck_out_tongue:, well i guess the best is to have some experiments with it :smiley:

The source can be found in /direct/src/interval/ if you would like to look at that. It seems fairly safe to use. Just make sure to have enableBlend() on the actor or I don’t think it will work.

sometimes I prefer just to use actor.setControlEffect in a task. That way, I can control the animation effect continuously while using some variable input.

Also, version 1.2 changed how an actor uses multiple animations. This post has some information about it